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Peace of mind car rental

Over the years we’ve met many visitors to Ireland who have had a wonderful vacation here and have throughly enjoyed their time on this beautiful island.

They have enjoyed the people, food, scenery and the overall experiences of what Ireland has to offer, with many becoming serial visitors.

One area however, which has caused and continues to cause undue stress and worry, is car rental.

With a variety of cover types, various inclusions/exclusions, additional charges, one way fees, Northern Ireland charge, varying excess and deductible amounts, third party insurance, roadside assistance, tyre and glass cover, renting a car here is not straightforward.

Each of the major rental companies has a different offering and there is no constancy as you go from one to the other, trying to compare and get a like for like costing.

What seems cheap, turns out to be expensive, what seems to be fully inclusive turns out to be not so.

Recognising this we looked to make it simple and put in place a
 “Peace of Mind Rental Package”

All our rentals have super inclusive cover

Apart from putting In wrong fuel or losing keys (we can’t cover those two) there is nothing you can do to our cars that will result in a charge to your account.

  • Tyres (not only replacement but repair) and Glass are covered.
  • Full Roadside Assistance is provided.
  • No Excess, No Deductible.
  • No Deposit or hold on credit or debit card.
  • Unlimited Mileage
  • No additional charge for use in N. Ireland
  • No additional costs, no surprises, what you pay is fixed and final.
  • No need to take photos or videos when you collect or return your car, you re fully covered!

Competitive price

We know that when compared on a “like for like” basis our fully inclusive offering is very competitive.

The fact that we have everything included and covered in our price means we (unlike competitors) are not coming along with additional charges or extras when you get to the desk.

What we offer and what you accept is the fixed and final price.
No surprises.

Once you book with us your rental worries are over and you enjoy your driving with peace of mind.


After Covid-19, when you're ready to visit, we're here for you! Stay Well!

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