Trip planner

Planning your trip to Ireland should be enjoyable, but it’s not always easy to do it alone. Your Irish cousin is here to help!

Avail of our fantastic personalised tour consultancy service TODAY!

We know Ireland. If you have lots of questions and/or a complex trip to plan, or are simply not sure where to begin, consider a personalised, in-depth trip consultation with one of our experienced advisors.

30 minute consultation by Phone / Skype / Whatsapp  $50 / €40 (each additional 15 minutes $20 / €15)

We answer your questions, build an individual itinerary tailored to your interests, and create a seamless transportation plan for every aspect of your visit. We can organise a single day in Dublin or an extended trip around the Emerald Isle.

Let our personalised tour consultancy service look after you! We can help to sort out your sim card, make reservations, obtain advance booking prices and vouchers so you can hit the ground running. Don’t lose valuable time doing the mundane, small things!

We will send you a preliminary questionnaire to gather as much information about your trip prior to the call at an agreed time. 

How to maximise your time with us:

  • Take Notes: Bring a pen and paper to take note of top tips specific to you 
  • Have Questions Prepared: Make sure you know what you want to get out of the trip 
  • Calendar: Have an idea of the main stops you want to make or dates you will be in Ireland 

To book a consultation, email us NOW!