Tips & links


  • In Ireland we use Euro
  • Tipping in Ireland is similar to the rest of Europe
    • Restaurants: 8-10%
    • Taxis: Short journey round to next euro (€12 -> €13) and long journeys up to the next 10 (€36 -> €40)
  • Claim your VAT back by looking for the Fexco sign in shop windows. The first time you ask for your VAT back you will need to register it against a foreign credit/debit card and you will receive a card which is what you should continue to use during your trip. Then at the airport find the Fexco desk and make your claim using the card.
  • Let your bank know of your travel plans so there are no issues with using your card


  • Proper rain gear and warm layers if you are visiting in Autumn – Spring are necessary
  • Lighter layers, rain gear and sunglasses are required during Summer


  • Although Temple Bar is a great touristic stop for Pubs and Bars, venture a little further around the capital to find the local gems (or just ask your Cousin!)
  • To get from Dublin Airport to the centre of Dublin you can use the Aircoach, Dublin Bus services, taxis, or just ask your Cousin for a lift!
  • Although Dublin is a fantastic city, try and escape to the countryside for a day or two to see the real Ireland!

General Tips

  • The electrical supply in Ireland is 230v 50hz and the plug head is Type G
  • If visiting during the summer months be sure to get moving straight after breakfast to make sure you see what you want to. Dublin has seen its tourist numbers climb every year.
  • Get your trip off to the right start and be aware of jet-lag. To combat jet-lag
    • Leave home well rested
    • Use the flight to sleep
    • Consider using a sleeping aid such as Ambien/Zolpidem

We hope these travel links and useful tips are useful.
Please don’t hesitate to ask your Cousin if you have any more questions!