Internet solutions for travelers

Stay connected while traveling in Ireland

Wi-Fi and Phone rental

You want to experience all that Ireland has to offer. You also want to stay in touch with friends and loved ones and share what you’re seeing and hearing with a call or posting on social media platforms Facebook, Twitter, Instragram, TicTok

Being out of your home country what are your options, options that avoid large charges for data and phone use.

  1. You can request and sign up for an international package from your provider which may cost $10 per day
  2. If your phone is unblocked you can purchase a local SIM card which can cost between €10 and €25 but beware,they vary in data, phone and text allowances – confusing and difficult to choose the card that suits best.

Or you can let the Cousin help you chose the best package to suit you and your party, based on party numbers, number of days, required data and locations to be visited.

We can provide you with a suitable package of SIM cards, phone or WiFi rental.

From €8 per day we’ll keep you in touch with the outside world with unlimited data and local phone calls and texts.

For further information contact the Cousin.

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